MAN Bus Reduces Response Time From Days to Hours Thanks to Collaborative Engineering Reviews with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality
Ground Transportation
“Simply speaking, one can say that with help of ESI IC.IDO Change Management the overall response time is shortened from days to hours when preparing product data for planned and ad-hoc virtual reviews, which means that MAN specialists are able to spend more time upfront to define more complete virtual experiences and environments, so that product behavior can be the base for a successful job execution. This results in a higher return on investment as product data constantly evolves over time and virtual reality sessions can be reused any time”.
Łukasz Wiatr - Specialist of Production Preparation, Man Bus Sp. z o. o.


新宝2平台手机客户端Fast-moving trends and challenges within the automotive industry require quick responses to ensure products are launched at the right time. The MAN Bus plant specializes in the production of city buses and needed to speed up their prototype development cycle by accelerating the process of updating new sessions with new data, while reducing the risk of inefficiencies and decreasing the number of engineering change orders as well as any risk of delaying the start of production.