Space Structures Grows Their Business and Customer Satisfaction with Help from ESI VA One

Aerospace & Defense
ESI VA One is an outstanding software product. However, the real success is provided in the proactive, flexible, timely and high-quality support of the ESI team from our first contact with the sales team to our contact with technical support
Florian Ruess, Managing Director Space Structures GmbH


Accurate models are required to ensure the integrity of vital launch equipment subject to the high-intensity acoustic field experienced during the launch process. Modeling launch acoustic conditions using traditional calculation methods relies on assumptions that can lead to an inaccurate result, conservative assumptions, and neglect of frequency dependency of the responses. Space Structures realized they needed a more advanced simulation methodology when designing structures for vibro-acoustic loading for the development of a multi-functional panel for large satellites under ESA contract.


The aerospace industry has been striving to find a tool that can accurately predict acoustic and vibration responses under rocket launch conditions, which create an intense diffuse acoustic field during the early launch phase. This can compromise the integrity of both the spacecraft and protective fairing, along with sensitive ground-based equipment.


Using ESI VA One, Space Structures was able to create predictive vibro-acoustic models, which made it possible to quickly and accurately simulate interlayer carbon fiber composite stresses. ESI’s exceptional technical service and the comprehensive capabilities of VA One enabled Space Structures to perform necessary calculations and analyses to support and optimize their designs. As a result, Space Structures received a high return on investment and increased customer satisfaction.