Virtual Prototyping helps Gazelle Tech Develop an Innovative Vehicle that Reduces Energy Consumption by Half

Virtual Performance
Ground Transportation
ESI Virtual Performance Solution saves us time and money. We are able to validate the performance of our innovative composite vehicle virtually before even manufacturing the first real prototype.
Gaël LAVAUD, CEO - Gazelle Tech


With the car market expected to double in the next 20 years, and fossil fuels becoming scarcer, disruptive and innovative green, light cars must be developed. Developing these types of vehicles, which can be produced close to the ultimate customer, presents an interesting opportunity to reduce the total CO2 footprint. With cutting-edge technology, that is exactly what Gazelle Tech is working to do to decrease our carbon footprint yet still offer mobility to all


新宝2平台手机客户端Gazelle Tech, a French startup company created in 2014, is the first peri-urban composite vehicle manufacturer of its kind. Their vehicle is currently under development and the industrial version is expected to be released in 2018. It features a composite chassis and body technology that makes it one third the weight of its competition and reduces energy consumption by half. The model will be offered in both gas and electric versions for a B2B market in France, as well as emerging countries in Africa and Asia. Read the full story.


新宝2平台手机客户端Gazelle Tech is developing a new production method for an innovative, low carbon impact vehicle, with the objective of offering sustainable transportation to all. Using ESI Virtual Performance Solution, they’re able to: Reduce time to market by eliminating physical prototypes Ensure a safe, lightweight vehicle design Realize the necessary design adjustments for an overall optimal design